Honorary Members

The following individuals were selected by their peers to be honorary members of the Rock Aqua Jays.

Honorary membership affords these individuals a voice and a vote on club business regardless of their current level of involvement with the organization. Honorary members are often called upon for guidance and historical perspective. These individuals have given of their time and energy above and beyond that which would be expected of any member, and most continue to do so today.

Year Inductee(s)
2013 Suzie Fenrick, Joshua Fox, Matt Klay
2012 Dave Rezin, Roberta Sarow
2011 Tom Kuhlow, Bill Manthey, Wayne Manthey, Betty Rinehart, Roger Sterk, Dick Stluka*
2010 Dave Williams
2009 Cathy Luiting, Joel Williams
2005 Joel Shapiro
2003 Lynn Gustafson
2002 Jeanice Fox
1999 David Drum
1998 Tim Cullen, Edd Rinehart
1997 Jill (Klukas) Geyer
1996 Judy Slatter, Brad Springbrum
1995 Rich LaCount
1990 Sue Roherty, Brian Cullen
1988 Gerry Luiting, Duane Snow
1986 Barb Snow
1985 Nancy Blair*, Hal Knutson
1984 Tom Cullen, Stan Drum, Rainy Knutson
1975 John "J.R." Wilson
1969 Roy Lentz*, Don Snyder
1968 Rudy Sterk*
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